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Villa Totò

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Giuseppe Collara’s art at Villa Totò

The pictorial works exhibited inside the spaces of the new Resort “Villa Totò” in Cefalù belong to the Cefalù artist Giuseppe Collara. They are not there by chance, as decorative elements, instead it is a real exhibition, capable of expressing emotions and feelings, involving those who stay there in philosophical and spiritual reflections…the beauty of the place and the beauty of art in a magical osmosis.

The artist was born in Cefalù in 1948; here he began his artistic studies, graduating from master of art, and then continued at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, section painting, and subsequently in that of Rome, section naked.
He taught in Padua for 20 years, and then in France for 22 more years.

At the age of 19 he was commissioned a huge fresco “Apocalypse and love” (11 x 2.5 m), still visible today, for the proscenium of the Cineteatro Astro in Cefalù.
Parallel to his activity as an art teacher, his production is prolific in the various ateliers where the artist stays; he has always felt the need to try his hand sculpting with various materials…but rarely exhibited any example.

There are innumerable shows and exhibitions, especially personal ones of him, realized in Italy and in France and on the Côte d’Azur, where he also stayed for several years for work reasons.
Lately they wrote about his works, on the occasion of his recent personal exhibitions.

Maria Grazia Todaro (Padua, Art Critic)
Francesca Mezzatesta (Palermo, Art Critic)
Rosalba Gallà di Cefalù (professor at the Art School)

The artist is available to customers, and to those interested, for exchanges and insights, at the following phone number: 327.384.8646