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Typical food: a way to know Cefalù

After having been immersed all day in art, or after having spent a day at the sea, we know for sure that you will only want to find a place where you can relax and taste some fantastic typical dishes, fresh fish based or meat based, accompanied by some good wine.

Cefalù is renowned for its exceptional restaurants, that will be able to satisfy every culinary desire of yours; among the many places that Cefalù offers, we recommend: Ittico, a famous seaside restaurant, perfect for every occasion (fish based), B.I.F. Braceria Fuorimondo, where you will find delicious meats and the best wines to match them, and if you are looking for something faster, you can’t miss a fantastic aperitif in the bars in Via Carlo Ortolani di Bordonaro!

Among the many typical dishes, you can’t miss “la pasta a taianu”, litterally “pasta in the pot” seasoned with gravy, fried eggplants and pecorino cheese, served on a crock pot that the residents cook in occasion of the festivity of San Salvatore, patron of the town.

Food is culture, and tasting is only one way to know Cefalù.