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“Ntinna a mari” – a Cefaludese event

The 6 of August in Caefalù SS. Salvatore, the town’s Patron, is celebrated. Among the many recreational events, there is a particular and ancient challenge called “la Ntinna a mari

It is a game in which 17 boys and men coming from fishing families of Cefalù participate. The participants have to walk along a 16 meters long wooden beam, fixed on the pier and made smooth with animal grease, and catch the little flag placed at the extremity. On the flag is portrayed the face of the Saint Patron.

This event has a double purpose: to celebrate the Patron of the city and entertain and involve the public; for this reason the residents have taken advantage of the opportunity to dress up with clothes not suited for the occasion or even ridiculous clothes.

The “Ntinna a mari” is an integral part of Cefalù’s Culture and it highlights the traditional values of Sicilian culture: religiousness, brotherhood, warmth, cheerfulness and respect for traditions, certainly a show you don’t want to miss!


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